Dreams Alike - Chapter 1: The Dream

Author - Hot Roxy
Genre - Novel-Length, Romance, Mystery
Keywords - Hermione Dreams Love Jealous Harry Ron
Spoilers -
All four books
Rated R
 Summary - Hermione is having dreams about Harry.
They are disturbing and scare her. She thinks she needs
to find out what they mean in order to stop them. The
dreams are consecutive and scare her more each night.
She stay awake. She misses, doesn't do homework, and
wanders around the school. She loses points for her house
and can't be near Harry. She needs to tell some one.
What can she do?
Disclaimer - This story is based on characters and situations
created and owned by JK Rowling, various publishers
including but not limited to Bloomsbury Books,
Scholastic Books and Raincoast Books, and Warner
Bros., Inc. No money is being made and no copyright
or trademark infringement is intended. Only the
words belong to me.
Author's Notes - If you don't like fics where the HP
characters act a bit different than in the book, you
should read a bit and decide for your self what this is.


Hermione rolled over in her bed. Her eyes slowly opened. Harry was lying next to her. His glasses were off and his hair was messed up. His arm slid down Hermione‚s back. She tightly shut her eyes.


"This isn't happening," she thought. She rolled over again. She felt Harry grab her around her waist. He pulled her close. His hands moved their way to her shoulder. He slid her nightgown shoulders down. He gently pulled her arms out of the sleeves. His hands stopped at her waist. She heard him whisper something, but she couldn't understand him. He turned her body around. He rested his nose on her chest. She wasn‚t realizing what was happening. She was very confused.


"Is this Harry? Oh my God, is this Harry?"


Hermione felt something on her upper womanly parts. She closed her eyes as Harry's tongue moved up her body. His lips closed around his tongue and he reached her mouth.


Her eyes began tearing as Harry began to move his body on top of hers.


"Stop, H..." her sentence wasn't finished. Instead she let out a painful moan. (A/N: I hope you see where this is going b/c there are too many details to get into.)


Hermione moaned again. It was very hard for her to breathe. She began to sweat. She tried to push Harry off of her. She let out sharp breaths every few seconds. Then he stopped. He got out of the bed, exposing his full naked body. He then got into the bed. He then crawled up the bed with a suggesting expression on his face. He reached her stomach and stopped. Harry arranged himself in a straddling position on her. His tongue was once again out of his mouth. He bent his head. Hermione felt his wet and rough tongue on her face.


* * * * * *


"Stop!" Hermione yelled. She pushed what/whoever she thought was Harry off of her. She opened her eyes and looked at her watch. It was 6:00 AM. She looked around. Crookshanks was staring up at her with hurt eyes.


"Sorry Crookshanks," she said.


"Some of us are TRYING to get beauty, booty and body sleep," Parvati said sleepily. "Plus, I was lapdancing on Frederick," she giggled.


"But he's such an @$#^!%*," Lavender moaned. Then she giggled. "George is one #@!! of a lot cuter."


"Are you talking about the Weasley twins?" Hermione sat up.


"#@!! yeah," Parvati said. "And Fred is cuter."


"Shut the $^*# up, you $#!^-head," Lavender countered.


Hermione lay back down again. She closed her eyes and remembered her dream. She sat up again and removed a book from under her covers. She opened it to the beginning and began to read.