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July 25, 2002

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Hogwarts 10 Year Reunion:1983
Lupin, Hogwarts Reunion, Maurauders, loneliness
Lupin attends the Hogwarts 10 year reunion in 1983, and realizes he is the only one of his friends left, he reflects on all their plans they had together in this short "Hopelessly Devoted" styled angst story.

Novel Length/


The Unloved One
Kathleen twins Draco betrayal good & evil
This takes place in Harry's 5th year, and it gives a close of view of Draco Malfoy's life, and it includes LOTS of original characters. This story changes point of views quite often, and Crabbe gets expelled (about time, too).
Novel Length/Humor
Mary Sue Comes to Hogwarts
Snape, Mary Sue, Draco, Harry, Hermione, Love potion, youth potion, polyjuice potion, farce
Mary Sue Roberts comes to Hogwarts, and the whole school goes crazy.


Hopelessly Devoted
Hermione Viktor Krum Pansy Parkinson
Viktor Krum dumps Hermione for Pansy Parkinson. Of course, Hermione is very sad...
Love at First Sight
Ginny, Draco, Pansy, Viktor, love, Dance
Ginny has a bad day, Draco has a bad day in this songfic. They both meet up at the school dance. This features mild humor, it's not really slashy or anything, and it's a light teen romance.
Love is Like an Hourglass
Lily Evans/Potter, Severus, Love, Angst
Severus Snape, looking back on his schooldays, reminisces about his lost love. Rather angsty, fairly short, enjoy!