Harry Potter and Nuahcerpel's Trunk

Author - *PhoenixFire*
Genre - Humor
Keywords - Snape, Mary Sue, Draco, Harry, Hermione, Love potion,
youth potion, polyjuice potion, farce
Spoilers -
All books,
just to be safe...
Rated PG
 Summary - Harry Potter finds himself beginning another exciting year
at Hogwarts. But tension hangs in the air as a magical trunk is stolen
from a museum by the cunning Lord Voldemort. Secrets are revealed
and pasts are brought back in this edge-of-your-seat thrilling mystery.
Disclaimer - This story is based on characters and situations created and owned by
JK Rowling, various publishers including but not limited to Bloomsbury Books, Scholastic
Books and Raincoast Books, and Warner Bros., Inc. No money is being made and no copyright
or trademark infringement is intended. Only the words belong to me.
Author's Notes - Please read this and the sequal which is coming!


Chapter One: The Mysterious Missing Trunk

Harry flopped down on his lumpy bed in the smallest bedroom of number 4 privet drive. He sighed and stared at the ceiling, reliving over and over Voldemort's rebirth. He couldn't help but think Cedric's death was all his fault. Many times in the 2 weeks that he had been home for summer break, he had woken up in the middle of the night, hearing that cold, mirthless laughter that was too familiar to him, his scar burning with the pain of a thousand white hot knives. He had also thought about sharing his dread with his friends, Hermione and Ron, or even Sirius, his godfather, but for some reason, he kept them bottled up inside. Hermione and Ron hadn't saw what he'd seen: Sirius hadn't felt what he had felt. None of them realized what a big deal this was, which was why he knew he couldn't turn to them for support.


Harry pried open the loose floorboard to begin his essay on the Sucker plant for Herbology. His eyes were stinging with the need to sleep, so he rolled over in bed, listening to the loud, rythmic snores coming from Dudley's room. He opened his eyes to the dark, when he saw a white, Snowy owl flutter in through his window. She dropped a newspaper down on his stomach and nipped his ear affectionately. Ever since Voldemort's rebirth, Harry had been getting the Daily Prophet to keep updated on what was going on in the wizarding world. Harry scanned the paper, when he found a rather interesting article. It was titled: Century Old Nuahcerpel's Trunk Stolen from Local Museum.


<center><i>In a local town in rural Britain, from a most famous museum, The Museum of Myths and Legends, the legendary Nuahcerpel's Trunk was stolen. The Ministry of Magic is completely baffled as to how a theif got past the complicated security system. As the legend goes, the trunk emits whatever you wish for it to, but only for a short time. There is some unknown spell to make the trunk follow your orders, which has not yet been discovered, which is why it is such a mystery as to why someone would want this old antique, other than to possibly raffle it off for money. Professionals say that either this powerfully magical trunk was specifically stolen for good use, or for the dark arts which have steadily been rising... See page 6.</center></i>


Harry felt a strong sense of forboding with this article, so he immediately threw the paper into the loose floorboard. He took off his glasses and rubbed his eyes. If Voldemort ever got his hands on something that powerful, that he could have anything he wanted... Harry didn't want to think about it. He fell back down onto his soft pillow and drifted into a sleep full of dry, cold laughter and burning, red, evil eyes, and the never ending screams of Cedric Diggory and his parents...


The next day, Harry got an owl from Dumbledore which was sent by a rather burly barn owl.



Something has come up. A certain Miss Arabella Figg, who you know as your neighbor, has sadly passed away last night. You didn't know, though, that she was a witch and your secret keeper. Now, Voldemort knows where you are, and I suggest to hide out at one of your friends houese to keep a low profile. If you do not find a place to stay, write me back and I will place you in a temporary arrangement. Remember: be careful.


Professor Dumbledore</center><i>


Harry stared at this letter. So many thoughts and questions were swirling throughout his brain, it made his head spin. 'Why had he lied to for so long? How could he do this?' Harry thought, for the first time in his life, feeling anger, hurt, and mistrust in Dumbledore, his role model. Harry, thoroughly angry, scribbled a frantic note on a peice of parchment and tied it to Hedwig's leg, and watched as she flew off into the cool blue sky.


Hermione opened her window and let in the fresh summer breeze. As she sat on her bed and began to read The Old And Forgotted Spells Of Ancient Ireland, a snowly owl flew in and collided with her head.


"Hey Hedwig," she smiled as she saw the beatiful snowy owl. She took the peice of parchement and let Hedwig flutter around her for a while. She unrolled the paper and read:


<center><i>Hey Hermione. I've got a lot to explain to you, but basically here it goes: My next door neighbor, who tunred out to be a witch, has been my secret keeper, hiding me from Voldemort- Hermione flinched at seeing the name- and she died, so I have to find a place to stay. Ron must be out of town visiting his brother or something, because I couldn't get a hold of him. So, I was wondering if I could stay at your house for the remainder of the summer. Write me back. -Harry.</center></i>


Hermione smiled, realizing Harry had never been to her house. She grabbed a piece of parchment and spoke as she wrote back


<center><i>"Harry- That would be great. Meet me at the Leaky Couldron in Diagon Alley on July 20, around 7:00 pm. See you there. Bye (write me if this time is a problem. Otherwise, see you,). Love from, Hermione."</center></i>


Hermione gave the letter to Hedwig and watched as she soared out into the clouds. Then, she sat back down, and continued to read...


<center><i>"Chapter 7, Lengendary spells and mythical magic. There are many spells that have long been forgotten or thought to be not real spells. These spells are usually attached to ancient runes or mythical antiques, now thought to be void of any magical powers or special gifts..."</center></i>





Once Harry had gotten a rather perturbed (for lack of a better word) Vernon Dursley to drive him to Muggle London, (harry had reminded him that he would be out of their hair for the rest of the year, which had convinced Uncle Vernon to et him go), He dragged his luggage to a dark doorway in an alley and found himself in the Leaky Culdron. Hermione, was of course prompt and there already. She waved. Harry hadn't seen her for a couple of weeks, and she looked as though she'd grown. Her Bushy hair was currently being pushed down by a large denim hat, and her teeth seemed straight and even in her perfect smile.


Harry made his way over to her. Even though he was still in a bad mood, he managed to crack a weak smile at seeing his very good freind. Hermione sensed his depression, and her smile faded.


"It wasn't your fault. Don't look so sad. It'll be alright," she gave him a hug, that only made him feel slightly better, but her words were not convincing nontheless.


"Mom, Dad, this is Harry Potter. I think you met a couple summers ago,"


Hermione introduced. Harry shook their hands and muttered, "Nice to meet you Mr. and Mrs. Granger," to his shoes. They didn't notice the monotonous tone of his voice, and were very enthusiastic about meeting him.


"It is such a pleasure to meet you. Hermione has told us all about how brave you are, and we've read the amazing things you've done," Mrs. Granger gushed.


'Read the amazing things' thought Harry. 'Like mother like daughter.' He supressed a smile.


They headed out to the Granger's car and began to drive up to their house. Harry stared out the window, and sensed Hermione's gaze towards him. He turned to see her giving him a concerned look.


"Are you sure you're alright?" she asked worriedly. Harry shrugged. He had no answer that would soothe her. She gave him a sad look and he went back to staring out the window.


'She can't make me feel better. What's done is done. She has no idea what I'm going through.' he thought to himself. 'Why don't I just give it up. Voldemort will find me and kill me anyway...' this thought made Harry surprised. He usually didn't think like this, but lately, he had been losing all hope. Hermione took out a book and began to read. 'What else is new...' thought Harry, and to his own surprise, he grinned.


Once they made it to the house, Hermione showed Harry to the guest bedroom. It was much larger than his own room, and there was even a TV! Harry was stunned at how generous this all was. Hermione laughed at this, but thought, 'how sad. this is like heaven to him. he hasn't even ever had a television before...'


Harry and Hermione worked in the shining summer daylight on their homework. Here, he didn't have to do it all by night. Harry was busy finishing his Herbology essay, and Hermione kept muttering, "Oh no. I really hope it's okay with Prof. Sprout that I did a couple extra pages." In reality, she had done four rolls of parchment over the required. Harry kept asking to copy, but she was astonished and refused. One day, Harry was looking through Hermione's desk to find a quill, when he came across a glass jar with a beetle in it. He grinned.


"Hermione- that's not who I think it is... is it?" he laughed.


Hermione answered sheepishly.


"Yep, that's Rita Skeeter. I keep showing her proper writing everyday so she knows how a reporter should act, but she doesn't get the hint." they both gave a good laugh at that and took turns making faces at her through the jar.



Chapter 2 The End of Summer


Harry and Hermione were finishing their homework. With a flourish of her quill, Hermione announced, "Done!" Harry sighed. He had two rolls of parchment left to write for Defense against the dark arts (DADA).


"I think I'll go and get a bite to eat," Hermione got up and left. Harry worked for ten more minutes. He wondered what was taking Hermione so long, so he streatched, stood up, and made his way to the hall. He jumped down the stairs and into the doorway of the kitchen. Suddenly, three eople came leaping out at him, screaming, "Happy Birthday Harry!" Harry was so stunned, he fell backwards onto the stairs behind him and knocked his glasses askew.


"Wha-?" he muttered in confusion. Hermione giggled as he lay there on the stairs, totally shocked. Then, he remembered- it was his birthday! He definately hadn't expected this. They shoved a red frosted cake in his face with yellow words on it that said Happy Birthday Harry. He was so surprised and happy, that he waited until Hermione helped him up to begin digging in on the cake.


This was totally shocking to him, but when they gave him presants, he was so happy he never wanted to go back to the Durlseys ever. From Mr. and Mrs. Granger, he got a book entitled "Mysteries of Ancient Europe". It was actually very interesting. From Hermione, he got a wand polishing kit. Then, when Harry thought this day couldn't get any better, he got three more owls. One from Hagrid, Ron, and Sirius. In the package from Hagrid, there were cakes and pies. Harry had had far too much experience with his cooking, and put those aside. He read the card instead.



Hope you 'ave a grea' birthday, Harry! See yeh at Hogwarts!



Harry smiled and opened the letter from Ron.


<center><i>Hey Harry! Sorry I couldn't help you out, I was in Egypt visiting my brother, but I found all your letters on my bed. Anyway, Happy Birthday Harry! I got this gift in Egypt- hope you like it!


From Ron</center></i>


Harry tore open the parcel and found a map of the part of Egypt Ron was in. Anywhere you pointed with your wand, word bubbles would pop up, revealing some anceint secret about that spot in Egypt. From Sirius,


<center><i>Dear Harry. I hope you're having a great birthday this summer. Don't let the Dursleys get you down. Anyway, I managed to pick up something for you as I was in my last hideout. Hope to see you soon.




Harry opened that gift and found a book of broomstick tricks. It told you exactly how to do all sorts of funky flips and stuff. Harry had had a great birthday. It was like he was anyone normal. As he lay down in bed that night, he felt very good inside, and never let his mind wander back to the horror that was upon him at that very moment.





As Harry ended his stay at Hermione's, they began to pack up their stuff and head out to the train station. They had already gotten all their supplies earlier. Harry and Hermione leaned against the barrier between platforms nine and ten, pretending to be in an involved conversation, when they both slipped through and found themselves in a crowded platform with a big red train before them.


They searched around for Ron, and found all of the Weasleys arguing in a corner. They wandered over to say hello, when they found out it wasn't the best time.


"I TOLD YOU! I TOLD YOU NOT TO MAKE THOSE ANYMORE!" Mrs. Weasley was shouting at Fred and George, who seemed just a tad frightened of her.


"But-" Fred began, but Mrs. Weasley cut in.


"WHAT DID YOU THINK YOU WERE DOING? I TOLD YOU, ONE MORE- ONE MORE, AND I WOULD TAKE AWAY EVERYTHING!" Mrs. Weasley made a grab for a bag in George's hands and pulled it away. Instantly, Fred and George began to scream,










Mrs. Weasley muttered some final words and the discusion was over. Except for Fred and George muttering to Ron,


"Nice going twerp,"


"Yeah, great move Freako."


Ron's ears turned red and he stomped away over to Harry and Hermione, mumbling under his breath. Harry and Hermione gave him confused looks and Ron explained.


"Fred and George have been back to work on their joke shop. They slipped Ginny a Canary Cream, and I didn't know, so when she sprouted feathers, I went and told mum. So she took away all their money that they used to make the stuff with. Mum and Dad don't even know where they got the money from. Mum thinks they've been gambling." Harry knew immediately where the money had come from.


He had given them his winnings from the triwizard tournament last year. He didn't feel like explaining this, so he just shrugged as they moved towards the train. Ron's dad came and gave him a quick hug, and Hermione's parents hurried over to say goodbye, and once again, Harry was lost alone in the dark. For the first time since he had went to Hermione's, he felt angry that he had no parents to say goodbye to him for the rest of the year, no one who would actually miss him that is. He stomped onto the train and found a compartment and waited for Ron and Hermione to join him. As he waited, he pulled out Ron's gift, the map of Egypt, and pointed to a spot near two pyramids. A word bubble popped up and said:"Centuries ago, this was where the first egyptian wizards inhabited. They lived there for years, until they moved to greener land in Ireland, and brought the anceint ways to Ireland with them. This was also the place of the first siteing of Nuahcerpel's Trunk, the Mirror of Erised, and many other anceint artifacts. This was also the birth of the small Egyptian Troublesome Fairy, later moving to Ireland to be known as the leprechaun."


Harry shoved the map back in his bag as he say Ron and Hermione boarding.


Hermione looked concerned.


"Why did you stomp off like that?" Ron asked. Harry shrugged, looked out the window and waited for the train to start moving as Hermione and Ron exchanged confused looks.


After a while on the train without conversation, Harry turned back to Ron and Hermione, and found Hermione whispering to Ron. She saw Harry's gaze and stopped, making Ron turn to see Harry staing at both of them. Finally, the snack cart came around. Harry wasn't hungry, but Hermione got a chocolate frog.


She bit off the leg, and Ron made a grab for the card.


"Can I have it? I collect them." Ron told her. Hermione shrugged. Ron looked at his.


"Darn. I already have this one! You want it Harry?" Ron tossed the card to Harry, who took it and saw a picture of an old wizard leaning on the side of the card whose name was Marcus Klordith. He flipped over the card and read the bio for him.



Marcus is perticularly famous for the restoration of magical antiques. He has already made many objects thousands of years old look like brand new. He is currently working in the Museum of Myths and Legends, which was recently broken into, but Marcus managed to save many of the items on display.</center></i>


Harry stuffed the card into his bag, and rested his head back on the coushiony seat. He closed his eyes. Hermione finished her chocolate frog, and Ron turned to her to say something, but they never found out what he was about to say. The train stopped abruptly, and Harry had wild flashbacks of his third year when the dementors came onto the train. Only this time, nobody boarded. The lights flickered out, and screams rang through the train. Harry caught a few words.


"-Broken down???"


"How could it just stop working like that-"


"-Dark magic obviously-"


Harry saw a shadowy figure step into their compartment. A cold, high laugh penetrated the dark.


"Avada Kedavra" whispered a mirthless voice. Ron screamed and fell to the floor, as did Hermione. Harry was all alone with Voldemort. Voldemort turned his wand to Harry.


"I've been waiting for years for this moment to come. Finally, I've cornered you. There is no escape." Harry sat pinned to his seat, knowing this was the end.


"Crucio!" Voldemort muttered. Harry felt searing pain shoot through his body.


He writhed and fell to the floor with an earsplitting scream-


"Harry! Wake up! Wake up!" Harry opened his eyes to Hermione's cries. He had been screaming, and he was no on the floor, covered in a cold sweat. It had seemed so real... but it was just a dream.


Ron was completely pale. Hermione was almost in tears.


"Are you all right?" Ron asked rather shakily. Harry swallowed once, realizing the train was still rumbling below him, and pushed his glasses back up his swaety nose. He weakly nodded, and got to his chair.


Hermione wimpered and someone came rushing into their compartment.


"Who screamed? What's wrong?" Ginny's panicked voice cried out. The three looked at one another. Finally, Ron answered,


"Harry had a- a nightmare. It's okay Ginny, go back to your place." Ginny sighed.


"You gave me a heart attack. Are you sure you're okay Harry?" But Harry just shrugged and turned an embarrast face back to the window. The whole train must have heard him scream. This would spread like wildfire. It was almost a given that soon enought, Malfoy would turn up.


"What's wrong Potter? A simple train ride frightening you now?" a cold voice came from the doorway, and sure enough, he had come.





Chapter 3 Return to Hogwarts


Harry groaned as Malfoy, Crabbe, and Goyle stepped through the threshold, his hair looking especially greasy today. Malfoy laughed.


"So, it's true then? Potter's a whimp?" He laughed his head off as Harry turned and simply faced the window again, embarassment and anger flooding through him.


"You shut your mouth," Ron jumped up and pointed his wand at Malfoy's neck.


Crabbe and Goyle laughed, flexing their muscles. Hermione leapt up then too.


"At the end of every day, no matter how horrible it was, we're not you. So it's

still a good day," she muttered forcefully. Harry sat there though. Finally, he stood up, pointing his wand at Malfoy's forehead.


"I am in no mood for you stupid games. So you either shut up, or I'll blow you to smitherines, I swear it. So, ask yourself this. Do you feel lucky?"


Harry muttered threateningly. Malfoy's smirk was whiped from his face then. With one last grumble, He turned and mumbled, "Come on guys." Harry, Ron, and Hermione sat back down, grumbling about what a jerk Malfoy was. Harry stuck his wand back in his long pocket, and turned to face the window once again.


"Harry, are you okay?" Hermione asked on more time, but, yet again, he had no answer for her.





Finally, the large mansion of a school was in view up ahead. All the first

years were in absolute awe at the sheer size of the school. The first

impression had already worn off for Harry, as he stepped off the train and

looked up at Hogwarts. They were whisked off to horseless carraiges that

wheeled them off the the front doors. They entered the still spectacular great

hall, and the first years were thrilled by the ceiling bewitched to look like

the sky. Soon, Dumbldore began to make his speech.

"Welcome back to everyone! We are at the start of another wonderful year. I

remind the first years that the dark forest is strictly forbidden. We have a

new addition to our staff, Proffesor Smiget, our new DADA teacher." Harry

looked up and saw the warm, brown haired teacher that sat at the empty place on

the high table. She had one green eye and one blue eye. The sorting ceremony

then began, and the nervous first years sat on the stool and the large hat was

placed over their eyes, but first, the hat sang its annual song.

"I may look old and worn

And my stitches are quite torn

But as I sing my song

I'll tell you where you belong

Perhaps you're a wise old Ravenclaw

Whose wit has no flaw

Maybe in modest Hufflepuff

Where humble dwell and morals are tough

Then again, in couragous Gryffindor

Where brave at heart to the core

Or last in powerful Slytherin

Where great wizards always win

So come sit down, try me on

I'll tell you where you belong."

The crowd applauded and watched as the cap shouted out "GRYFFINDOR"

or "HUFFLEPUFF" and the releif flooded the kids' faces.

Finally, the feast began. The food appeared on the plates and Harry stuffed

himself with enough food for two. When they went back to the homey common

rooms, through the painting (password: Rose buds...?), Harry sat down on a

cushy armchair and stared at the dying embers of the fire. Ron and Hermione

were involved in an exciting game of exploding snap. Ron asked Harry to join

them, but he had other things on his mind.

"Harry, I know what you're thinking; but You-Know-Who can't touch you when

Dumbldore's around. You know that." Hermione tried to convince him. Harry

nodded, but for some reason, he didn't think only Dumbldore would be able to

stop a fully powerful Voldemort.

"I'm going up to bed. See you in the morning." Harry stood up and made his way

up to the boys' dormatories. Hermione and Ron kept leaning foreward and

whispering to each other.

Harry took out his photo album of his parents. He watched them wave to him and

smile, and he almost wanted to wave and smile back, but he knew he couldn't.

Harry turned over in bed and closed his eyes. Finally, he drifted off into a

deep sleep.

Chapter 4 Digging into the truth


The next day, Harry got up and examined his schedule, seeing that he had

Divination first (ugh!). He and Ron set out for the north tower and made it up

to the ladder that would take them up to the steamy room. They climbed up and

smelled the strong incense around them, and nearly died of heat when they sat

down on the coushy poufs and armchairs. Proffessor trelawny stepped out of the

shadows and sat down on a large chair. She closed her eyes and muttered,

"Welcome to another year of Divination. The clairvoyant vibrations in this room

are very strong indeed today, and dear-" she turned to Neville Longbottom,

possibly the clumsiest kid ever. "On the 8th of October, be sure to thank you

grandmother for that hideous gift you will hate. You don't want to get on her

bad side." Neville rolled his eyes. Ron turned to Harry and muttered,

"What's she gonna get him? A whole day with Proffessor Trelawny?" Harry stifled

a laugh as Prof. Trelawny turned to him.

"Sadly, dear, I do hope you will try extra hard this year, because the fates

have informed me of your near departure." Lavender and Parvati gasped: yet

again, she was predicting Harry's death.

After Divination, Harry and Ron headed over to Hagrid's hut for Care of Magical

Creatures. Hagrid began teaching them about Phoenixes, which Harry already knew

a lot about.

At the end of the day, Ron began his homework, Hermione sat reading a book, and

Harry sighed and looked at the blazing fire. He picked up his new book,

Mysteries of Ancient Europe. He flipped to a chapter and read:

Chapter 6: Secrets of Egypt and Ireland

Long ago, when the ancient wizards of Egypt brought their ways over to the new

land Ireland, they also brought over many spells and ancient artifacts. One of

the ealiest made items was Nuahcerpel's Trunk, made so long ago, no one has any

idea how many years it has plagued the face of the earth. In legends and myths,

It is said that the trunk will bring you whatever you want it to for a period

of time. It is said that a crazy wizard called Sorcerer Nuahcerpel created the

trunk for his personal use, and he wished for immortality. Supposedly, he is

still living today in the form of a leprechaun, (small tricky fairies brought

over from Egypt to Ireland a long time ago). The trunk is currently in a museum

in rural Britain.

No one has ever found out the correct spell that will make the trunk work. For

a list of possible spells, look in The Old and Forgotten Spells of Ancient

Ireland, or Dictionary of Mythical Spells (Part two).

Chapter 7: Legends of London

Long ago, in...

Harry's mind wandered away and he looked up to see Hermione had left to go up

to bed, and left her book. The name seemed oddly familiar, The Old and

Forgotten Spells of Anceint Ireland...


Dear Harry,

I've had word from an inside source that Voldemort is heading towards Hogwarts.

Be on the alert at ALL TIMES. Don't go anywhere alone, and try to stay out of

trouble which you usually find yourself in. I hear he has killed many more

muggles and wizards, and that he has stolen some valuable artifact that might

help him succeed in his plan. Be on the Lookout. Talk to you soon.


Harry scanned the letter that a large, hawk-like bird had delivered him. For

some unknown reason, he wondered why he didn't feel more tense. He stood up,

and went to go see if Hermione and Ron were around. But they were nowhere to be

found, so he sat down on a chair in the common room, when Ginny came strolling

through the portrait hole. She noticed the look on Harry's face, and her smile


"Harry, what's wrong?" Ginny had always been somewhat smitten with Harry, and

she looked embarrased to be in the room alone with him.

"Oh... nothing," Harry lied. Ginny could tell that something was wrong.

"Okay, you're telling mw what's on your mind whether you like it or not. Okay?

And by the way, do you know where Ron is? I can't find him." Ginny convinced


Harry sighed and explained to her what was happening, and he told her no, he

hadn't seen Ron or Hermione for that matter. Ginny looked stricken when she

heard about Voldemort.

"What are you going to do?" she asked. Harry simply shrugged.

Finally, Ron and Hermione came waltzing into the common room, laughing-

laughing!- at a time like this.

"Is there something funny I missed? And where have you been?" Harry asked.

"Well, sorry, MUM, next time I'll come back at cerfew." Ron laughed. Hermione

giggled, and answered,

"We were just taking a walk around the quidditch field. It's no big deal." For

some reason, Harry didn't feel like showing them the letter. Ginny looked at

him, and went back out the portrait hole.


Chapter 5: Frightening premonitions


The next day, as Harry raced to divination, still wondering where Ron had gone

off to, he ran into an old painting of a small knight- Sir Cadogan.

"Greetings galavant Potter! We meet again!" Sir Cadogan tumbled off his horse,

throwing out his sword hand to break his fall.

"I'm in a hurry, so if you don't mind-" Harry began to hurry off, but Sir

Cadogan fallowed him through each painting.

"Young sir shall not go up to the battle today! For his best friend has been

kidnapped! Ye Knaves, we must find him and rescue him!" Sir Cadogan cried out.

Harry rolled his eyes.

"Ron is just fine, he probably made it to class on time! See ya!" Harry yelled

back as he bounded up the ladder that lead him up to Divination. He burst in,

and the whole class turned their heads to see him.

"My dear, please do try to hurry up next time you come to class. My inner eye

has already tole me you will be late to calss 3 times, until..." Prof. Trewlany

cut off. 'Oh here we go...' thought Harry. prf Trelawny continued, "Until you

leave us forever."

Most of the class shrugged and rolled their eyes, but Parvati and Lavender

looked shocked and gasped in horror. Harry flopped down on his pouf and

searched the room for Ron. He was nowhere in sight. His stomach suddenly

plummeted, remembering Sir Cadogan's words. 'No... no, that's just a crazy

little git being himself.' Harry thought, but all through Divintation, he

looked at his crystal ball in discomfort. Suddenly, 5 minutes before the class

ended, Proffessor Trelawny stodd up in a grand sweeping motion, her eyes

closed. She took a dramatic pause.

"Someone in our midst is holding a dark secret that could result in a tradegy."

Harry rolled his eyes and figured she was simply predicting his death again,

but her voice seemed dark and disturbed... almost like... like... at the end of

third year, when she had predicted the rise of the dark lord. Harry's stomach

did a sumersault.

"Once the secret is revealed, one of our number will be brought back after a

long departure," she continued. Harry's heart went fast, and he saw Parvati

look about to faint, and Lavender trying to keep Parvati from fainting, looking


"And then, someone who has been held captive for a very long time will break

free, and join the dark lord in his plan." Prof Trelawny finished, and opened

her eyes, looking dazed. Everyone around her looked uneasy.

"Oh, deary me, this heat is getting to me... perhaps I drifted off. Lavender,

will you please open a window?" She asked, as though nothing had happened.

Lavender let go of Parevati, her eyes wide and panicked. She cracked open a

window and ran back to her seat.

"Well, what's wrong with everyone? Please return your crystal balls to the

front table. Class is dissmissed." She said in her usual misty voice. The class

silently filed out of the room and rushed to the next class. Harry, on the

other hand, ran to Sir Cadogan's painting.

"What exactly happened to Ron?" Harry asked quickly.

"Ah! Finally prepared to fight the battle till death? Then onward!" he cried,

raising his sword.

"Enough! Just tell me!" Harry spoke forcefully. Sir Cadogan looked slighly


"Yes, sir's partner in battle was stopped by one of sir's ladies. She sounded

angry, and pulled him aside. So galantly of me, I fallowed and heard

threatening and then together they departed, your friend looking fearsome in

the face of a terrible battle." Sir Cadogan explained in his own knight

language. Harry looked confused. One of his ladies?

"Who did this lady look like?" he asked. Sir Cadogan leapt on his horse and


"Young lady had brown, bushy hair-" Harry didn't need to hear the rest. He gave

a sigh of relief.

"You little idiot, that was just Hermione. But why would she make him skip

class?" He wondered. He looked at his watch, and realized he was four minutes

late to Care of Magical creatures, and turned and ran off to Hagrid's Hut.

When he made it, he saw that Ron was there, petting a phoenix. Harry hurried

over to Ron to ask why he missed Divination, and Ron's face went pale.

"Harry, there's something I've got to tell you. But I can't right here. Not

now. But you've got to understa-" In the middle of Ron's sentence, Hermione

walked up behind them and said,

"What is it Ron? You look pale. Maybe you should go to the hospital wing."

Ron's eyes went wide, and he muttered,

"Uh, no, I feel- fine. Just fine." Harry wondered what was going on.

"Hermione, Sir Cadogan told me that you talked to Ron before last class, and

then Ron, you didn't even show up. What's going on?" Hermione pondered a

moment, and then answered,

"Oh, yeah, Ron copied off my paper for potions, and I thought I'd tell him off

before next class. He looked rather upset, and decided to pay a visit to the

hospital wing before comming to Care of magical creatures. Isn't that right

Ron?" Hermione gave Ron an odd look... and Ron slowly nodded.

"Yeah, I didn't really feel like going to divination after that anyway," Ron

added. Harry knew something else was going on, but couldn't tell what.

Once all Harry's classes were over, he, Ron, and Hermione all went up to the

common room. Harry had gotten another Daily Prophet, and he began to flip it

open, when he saw the front page. The picture was of a house with the dark mark

floating over it. The headline read: Mass Fear Rebirthing along with You-Know-


Mass hysteria has been flooding the wizarding world ever since last year, when

He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named regained power and set out in his destructive plan for

immortality. He has been draining information from those he needs it from, then

killing them. The darkmark has been shooting through our skies left and right,

causing panic. You-Know-Who has already killed Arabella Figg, Sheryl Klordith,

and many others who haven't been found yet. He was last seen a few weeks ago

heading towards Hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardry. The Ministry is

fearing that he is after Harry Potter, a hero among our kind, and thus are

setting dementors around the school in a short period of time, in spite of

Albus Dumbledore's arguments. We all hold those who lost loved ones in our

hearts, and hope for a better tomarrow.

Harry's eyes widened. 'That's how Mrs. Figg died... he killed her' he thought.

The name Klordith looked familiar, when he remembered from his chocolate frog

card, Marcus Klordith. 'Maybe she's his sister... Or his wife...' he thought.

He sighed, put down the paper, and looked up to see Hermione staring at him.

She noticed his gaze, and picked up his book, Mysteries of Ancient Europe.

"Maybe you should do something more productive and read a book. Those

newspapers always emphasize stupid things that aren't true. I know for a fact

that Dumbldore is not letting them set up dementors again. After what happened

in third year...well, he doesn't want them anywhere near here." Harry put down

the paper and picked up the book. Wait, back up- how had Hermione known that he

had just read about Dumbldore an the dementors? There was that feeling again,

the one he got around Voldemort, like he could read his mind...

Chapter 6: The Bad Gift


It was October 8, at the breakfast hall. It had been weeks since Ron had tried

to tell Harry something, but whenever he tried to tell him, Hermione would pop

up and he wouldn't say. Harry gobbled up his toast. Suddenly, owls began to

soar through the great hall. Hedwig flew down and dropped a newspaper on

Harry's lap. Neville gasped on his right as he saw an owl drop a small parcel

into his lap.

"It's October 8! This is the gift from my Grandmother that Prof. Trelawny said

I would hate!" he pushed the package away from him, and Ron rolled his eyes,

picking it up for Neville.

"Yeah, it must be poison or something," Ron said sarcastically. He tore open

the package and looked inside.

"It's a bomb! Run for you life Neville!" he cried out. Neville started to get

up, when he saw Harry and Ron laughing. Neville's eyes narrowed.

"That wasn't funny," he muttered, grabbing the parcel from Ron's hand. It

turned out to be a simple letter. Neville's eyes scanned the note. His face

went pale and his lower lip quivered.

"What is it?" Hermione asked. Neville reached a shaky hand into the parcel and

found a book inside, called Old, Lost Spells.

"What is it?" Harry repeated. Ron looked worried. Finally, Neville managed to

choke out,

"I-it's nothing. I've got to go-" He stood up and nearly ran out of the great


"I wonder what that was all about," Ron asked. Harry just shrugged, and

Hermione continued eating her breakfast





The next night, Ron and Harry were sitting in the Common Roon as it slowly

emptied out. Ron beat Harry at wizard's chess, ending the game. Harry got up

and stretched, muttering,

"I think I'll go up to bed." Ron sat still though.

"Go on... I'm going to stay here a while longer." Harry climbed the stairs, and

Ron stared into the fire. He needed to tell Harry the secret, before something

bad happened...

Ron shuddered. He was about to get up to go to bed, when Hermione came creeping

down the steps. He crouched low in the armchair, not daring to breath and break

the dark silence. Hermione snuck out the portrait hole and out into the dark

corridoor. Ron snapped up, and quick and quiet as a cat, raced up to the

dormatories. He grabbed the Marauder's map, and headed out after Hermione.

Ron crept through the darkness, fallowing the little dot that was labeled

Hermione. She wound around silent, dark corridoors, up the stairs, through a

door... and into a room Ron had never seen before. He tiptoed over to the door

and cracked it open a little, peering inside.

It looked like an old, forgotten classroom that the stairs forgot to go to

except in the heart of night. There were spiderwebs and dust all over, and a

single window letting in the shimmering moonlight. In the center of the room,

Hermione crouched down and opened a trunk.

"Once I find what I need, it will all be set. I will finally achive my life's

goal..." she let out a cackle that was usually associated with witch

stereotypes. She slammed the trunk closed and stood up, grabbing a book. She

began flipping through the pages.

"Come on... even Potter's book said to reffer to this one for the spell... it

MUST be in here..." she muttered. Ron watched in horror as her face began to

melt and slowly transform......

Ron slowly crept back to the common room and hurried over to Harry's bed. He

HAD to tell him...had to...

And he didn't even notice the empty bed where Neville usually was, or the tiny

dot on the marauder's map roaming around the library entiled Neville Longbottom

as he raced up to Harry's bed and shook him with great force.

Harry's eyes slowly opened, and he muttered, thick with sleep,

"What is it?" When he noticed Ron's wide eyes and his pale face, he sat up,

rubbing his eyes awake.

"What's wrong?" he repeated. Ron finally found his voice, and spoke very fast,

"Hermione- well, you gotta know, she's not herself, she's him- or, he's her-

whichever, I don't know, but she- well, he- has got this huge plan, and I-"

Harry shook his head in confusion.

"Ron, what are you talking about? I think you had a nightmare. Go back to

sleep," Harry mumbled, turning over and pulling the covers up.

"But- but-" Ron stammered. "But I never even went to sleep! I went out to

fallow Hermione!" Harry turned back over to face Ron.

"And just how do you know that Hermione is someone else?" He asked skeptically.

Ron's ears turned red.

"Well... I..." He began. "Well, since the beggining of the school year, we were

sort of- hanging out. And a couple weeks ago, I- I tried to kiss Hermione, and

then I knew it wasn't her. I just knew. And it wasn't! It was him! So a couple

days later, she pulled me over in the hall before Divination, and threatened me

that if I told anyone... mainly you... that she would kill me. So she made me

searche through a book to find the spell for the rest of the period. That's why

I never went to divination, because I was-" Harry groaned in frustration.

"Ron! Go back to bed! You're talking crazy! I don't even know what you're

saying!" He spoke a little too loud. Seamus Finnigan rolled over. Harry looked

around the room to see if anyone else had woken up. It was then that he noticed

Neville's emtpy bed.

"Where's Neville?" he asked. Ron shrugged. He went over to Neville's bedside

and found the letter that Neville's Grandmother had sent him. The color drained

from his face.

"Harry... come read this..." Harry got up and grabbed the letter.

Dear Neville, it read,

I've got some horribly disturbing news. You-Know-Who has found out that you and

I are the only ones who know about your parents and what happened. Please stay

calm, he says he will kill me if I don't give him the information he needs. I

don't know all of it, so he is letting me write this letter to you. He needs

you to tell him the information your parents were keeping. He is also

threatening to kill them. Please, just write back everything you know about it.

And here is a book that he wants you to look at. He needs you to find the spell

for the Nuahcerpel's Trunk and send what you find along with the information.

Please- just do what he says, and don't argue. Look in some other books if you

can as well. If you don't send him an answer, I don't know what will happen.

Whatever happens, know that your parents and I love you, and try to stay calm.

Love, Grandma

Harry's throat went dry as he remembered that Neville's parents were in a

mental institution. Voldemort had driven them insane. Ron, though, had no idea.

"Gee, I always thought his parents were dead..." his voice trailed off. Harry

picked up the marauder's map, and saw a little Neville dot sitting in the

library. They took one glance at each other, and raced down to the library to

find out what was going on.

When they found Neville, he was asleep on a book. Ron prodded him in the back,

and he shook awake with a start.

"Huh- wha-" he mumbled as his eyes opened. Harry held up the letter for Neville

to see.

"What's going on?" he asked, concerned. Neville's eyes went cold. He took the

letter, and began to explain.

"Well, a while ago, my parents worked in a part of the Ministry of Magic called

the Order of the Phoenix. It was specifically for fighting You-Know-Who, and

was the most successful department. The key part of it, though, was the fact

that phoenixes can tell the future, a great gift that not many people know

about. So, the phoenixes they had helped them keep tabs on You-Know-Who and

help stop him from killing many people. They had a great next plan- to get him

in an act, and bring a dementor to perform the kiss. The problem was, the

dementor turned on them and went to His side." Harry and Ron listened in

earnest and agony at what would be comming up in the story.

"So, my parents tried to fight the dementor and Him, and in the end, the

dementor drove them insane with unhappiness, and they never recovered. Their in

a hospital right now. But, as I was visiting them right when it happened, my

mother told me something that I was supposed to keep secret. That's what he

wants. You see, the Order of the Phoenix ceased to exist after my parents...

well..." his voice trailed off and he swallowed. "But that department was right

next to the Ancient Artifacts Department. Right before it happened, they were

inspecting Nuahcerpel's Trunk. One of the phoenixes saw it, and told it's

future and past. My mother found out that You-Know-Who would get it, and what

the spell was. So she told me, right after it happened, and then, she could no

longer remember anything." Neville finished. He looked almost in tears.

"I haven't come to the library looking for the spell; I'm looking for a way to

make the trunk not work. To backfire on him." Harry's jaw dropped at this

horrible story. Ron's face was pale and he didn't move for the longest moment.

They all sat there for the longest 4 minutes in Harry's entire life. Then, Ron

and Harry grabbed some books, and began to help Neville in his search.

Chapter 9: You-Know-Who's Return


Harry tried to blink away the stinging sensation in his eyes and the need for

sleep. Then, he remembered the book Hermione gave him. It was about the Trunk!

He said he'd be right back, and decided to get Hermione's book too. In his

book, it said to look in her's for the spell: which might mean there was a

reverse for it. He also remembered the map Ron gave him: and the chocolate frog

card. All these clues were right under his nose, and he never bothered to look.

He crept back in the portrait hole, ("Why are you up so late?" the fat lady

mumbled) Harry grabbed the map, book, and looked at the chocolate frog card.

Maybe this guy, Marcus Klordith would know about the trunk. He'd have to check

a book on him. He quickly flipped through his book, Mysteries of Ancient

Europe, but there was no answer there. Then, he checked the map, but it gave

him no help either. Sighing, he mumbled,

"Well, there's always that book Hermione had," as he made his way through the

common room. Suddenly, a shadow appeared in front of him, with bushy hair.

"You mean- this book?" Hermione asked sinisterly. "No, I've already checked.

This book does me no good what so ever," Harry was confused by the evil look

that was being cast across Hermione's face- or was that just the shadows of the

flickering, dying fire? He wasn't sure, but suddenly what Ron told him came

flashing back to his head; Hermione wasn't herself. Hermione, reading his mind,


"Clever that you've figured that out Potter; I'm not Hermione. And, it looks

like I forgot to take my polyjuice potion as well. Maybe you can look into my

true face once again," she hissed. Harry's scar exploded with searing white hot


"No... no... it can't be..." he mumbled through the pain coursing through his

throbbing forehead.

"Ah, but it is, sadly for you." Hermione's face began to melt, and change into

a pale, squashed, snake like face with fiery red eyes. Voldemort smiled down at

him; a smile totally void of happiness or warmth. It was full of evil, revenge,

and death.

"I guess Weasley told you about what happened. Pity for you that you didn't

beleive him about me. Yes, he knew that I was indeed not Granger. You always

think of yourself as some brilliant hero, but how can you think of yourself as

smart when you didn't even recognize the signs right under your nose? Who gave

you that book to help me in my plan to get immortality out of the trunk? Me.

Who was already reading a book on old spells? Me. Who told Ron to give you a

gift like that one? Me. Who bought that chocolate frog in hopes of the card

being Marcus Klordith, who worked with the trunk? ME! And I was using all of

these resources in hopes that you would find the spell for the trunk that I

stole from that museum!" Harry's scar burned his brain until he could no longer

absorb what Voldemort was telling him. Through all the confusion, he cried out

in anger,

"What have you done with Hermione?" Voldemort laughed a cold, high, mirthless


"She is alive, if that's what you mean. But now, I must join you, Weasley, and

Longbottom. Together, we will make me the first immortal wizard! Well, second

if you count dear Nuahcerpel. Thanks to him, I will kill you finally."

Voldemort turned, and took a gulp of polyjuice potion, his face turning back

into Hermione.

Harry realized why Voldemort hadn't killed him already. It was because he

needed Harry's help in finding the trunk's secret. And now he had it, and no

longer needed Harry...

Harry gulped, and walked down to the library with Hermione. Harry widened his

eyes at Ron, in attempts to tell him what he knew. Ron understood, and they

both turned to Neville, thinking the same thing: 'He doesn't know'

"Hello Hermione," Neville smiled. Hermione smiled back.

"I've come to help," she told him. "But I have one question. What is that spell

that makes the trunk work? I need to know if we want to find the reverse."

Harry and Ron shook their heads no, trying to make Neville not tell her. Harry

mouthed, 'It's a trap!' But Neville didn't understand.

"Well, I guess I could tell you." Neville began. "The spell is Seiriaf Hsiw,"

Ron and Harry both sank onto the table. It was over. Voldemort was going to be

able to open the trunk and get what he wanted out of it. Harry was done for...

"Thanks Neville. I really owe you one. Oh, and you don't need to write your

Grandma back. I already sent my death-eaters to kill her." Hermione told him in

her sweet voice. Neville's face went pale. He pointed a shaky finger at


"You- you-" He couldn't finish. But now, they all knew the truth. Voldemort

laughed a cold laugh, and Hermione did so as well. She turned on heel and

strode out of the library, beckoning a finger in their direction.

"Follow me, and maybe I will spare your lives," she told them. Ron and Neville

got up, but Harry hesitated. He already knew Voldemort would kill him, so why

should he follow?

"And if you come as well Harry, I won't kill Granger." Harry stood up and

followed silently along with a fearful Ron and Neville. They came to the old

classroom that Ron had seen before, and stepped inside, to what could very well

be the last and most horrific hour of their lives...

Harry's scar burned dully as he leaned against the wall of the room along with

Neville and Ron. Thoughts were swirling through his head as he watched Hermione

(Voldemort) open the trunk and smile. Harry knew what was comming.

"Why?" Harry blurted out, not able to string two words together. Hermione gave

him a grimace.

"Why what?" she asked. Harry breathed, and muttered the question he's wanted to

know the answer to since he was eleven years old.

"Why did you want to kill me?" Hermione's lips curled up in a menacing grin.

"I suppose you know how Poenixes can tell the truth..." Harry nodded in

anticipation. "Well, what you didn't know, was that I myself had a phoenix.

Well, I didn't exactly own one, it was my cousin's phoenix. But it predicted,

when I bought my wand, there would be another with a phoenix feather from it.

And that it would be just as powerful, and used against me. The phoenix

predicted that the one who would be destined for this wand would be the

Potters' boy. Foolish bird must have felt guilty in helping me do this, and

went over to the good side... Foolish Fawkes.... Albus, my cousin, always hated

me..." Harry jaw dropped at this last sentence. Hermione strode over to him,

the fire gleaming in her eyes once more, like Voldemort. Neville wimpered and

Ron was shocked and pale faced. Hermione began to transform to Voldemort, and

as she melted and grew, she reached out a cold, boney finger and stroked it

down Harry's face devilishly. Harry's scar exploded in pain, and he sank to the

floor, hearing Voldemort's cruel laughter in his ears.

"I though you should see my rise to power before you died," Voldemort hissed.

He bent down to the trunk, and mutterd,

"Seiriaf Hsiw. I wish to be immortal," he opened the trunk, and a bright,

flamming white light shot out around him and engulfed him. Harry heard the

laughter and sheilded his eyes from the brightest light he'd ever seen.

Finally, the light was gone, and Voldemort was immortal. 'This can't be

happening,' Said a voice in Harry's head.

"Ah, but it is happening. And I am afraid your welcome is worn out," Voldemort

turned to him. "Seiriaf Hsiw, I wish Harry Potter was dead." Harry's eyes

widened and his life flashed before his eyes as Voldemort opened the trunk once

again, and a green flame reached out and curled around Harry. His eyes rolled

back in his head, and he fell to the ground, hearing Ron's screams in his ears,

and his own as well, mixed with Voldemort's high, cold laugh. The pain in his

scar was gone, and so was he...

"You two, go back to your common rooms. I have to deal with my cousin first,"

Voldemort left the room in the swish of a robe, and Ron rushed over to Harry.

"I said, go back to you common room," Voldemort hissed. So, Ron and Neville

were forced to retreat to the Gryffindor common room, leaving Harry on his own.

Ron and Neville climbed in through the portrait hole, and hurried up to the


"Everybody wake up!" Ron screamed. Boys all over yawned and rubbed their eyes,


"What time is it?" When they saw Ron and Neville's pale faces, they got up and

listened to their tale...





"Hello dear cousin. I'm back," Voldemort hissed in Dumbldore's ear. Dumbldore

stared coldly into his red, gleaming eyes, and muttered back,

"Ah yes. I have been waiting to see you again," Dumbledore sad calmly.

"Have you missed me?" Voldemort hissed.

"Not in the least bit," Dumbldore spat. "But I think their is something you

should know about that trunk that you got your immortality from-" Dumbldore

began. Voldemort laughed.

"So you think I would listen to whatever you said?" Dumbldore shook his head,

but told him anyway.

"That trunk was not created by Lord Nuahcerpel. He never existed. Fawkes

informed me that it was indeed made by leprechauns. The name of the trunk, is

leprechaun backwards." Dumbldore sad coolly. Voldemort laughed a harsh laugh.

"And how does that concern me?" he asked tauntingly. Dumbledore shrugged, and

told him,

"Find out for yourself, then." Voldemort laughed. "Your words are so

comforting, but I really don't care what you are trying to tell me. I think

perhaps I shall spare your life until you can see me take over your precious

school. This should be fun."

Soon, the entire school had been taken under Voldemort's rule. He laughed as

the frightened children did exactly what he said to do, or else he would kill


A whole day went by doing this. Dumbldore was locked in a closet while

Voldemort took his office. It had been exactly a day, and Voldemort decided it

was time for his dear old cousin to go. He stood up from the desk and made his

way to the closet.

Meanwhile, in the dark, dusty forgotten classroom, the dead Harry Potter


Chapter 10: The End of Immortality


Voldemort made his way up the ever-changing staircase to go to the closet that

held Dumbldore. Ron and Neville huddled in the common room, along with the rest

of the frightened students. Finally, Ron got up, his face set in determination.

"I'm going to murder Him," He mumbled as he went towards the portrait hole.

Neville looked at him as though he were crazy.

"But- he's immortal! You can't kill him!" he wimpered in despair. Ron turned


"Then I'll die trying," and he disappeared out the hole. Neville scrambled up

after him and climbed out as well.

Voldemort kept climbing, his black lips curling up in a horrible sneer with

every step. 'Finally... my revenge on my dear old cousin... finally, I'll kill

him... the world will bow to me once and for all..." his evil mind told him

happily, but not the kind of happiness you get from receiving a great birthday

gift: the kind crazy people get when they're about to murder someone.

Harry's heavy eyelids struggled to open to the blurry world. Finally, he looked

around. He was in the old classroom.

"What the..." his groggy voice trailed off. 'I thought I was dead...?' he

thought in complete confusion. 'Maybe I'm a ghost...' Harry sat up and took a

step into the wall, but his shoulder brushed it and he bounced off. 'Well, I

can't go through the wall, so I'm not a ghost, but then what is going on?' he

wondered. He looked to his right and saw a dusty mirror. In the mirror, he saw

the trunk, and the engraving on the trunk.

"Leprechaun" he read aloud. Then, it struk him- hard. Nuahcerpel was Leprechaun

bakwards. There was not Lord Nuahcerpel, leprechauns had created the trunk.

"So why am I alive...?" but the answer came to him as well. He remembered last

summer, when Ron had gotten the leprechaun's gold, and it vanished after a

while. That must mean that the wish you get from the trunk only lasts a

while... however long Harry had been, well...

Harry's mind focused on Voldemort then. He couldn't still be immortal then,

because the wish might have vanished, just like the leprechaun gold...

Harry raced out the door and nearly toppled down a flight of stairs. He saw

Voldemort ahead of him, and ducked behind a wall. Then, he felt for his wand in

his pocket, and pulled out the long stick out wood. He crept silently down the

hall and fallowed Voldemort (at a distance) to a closet. Voldemort opened it

with his wand, and found Dumbledore sitting inside. Harry gasped.

"So, have you found out the secret of that trunk yet?" Dumbldore asked.

Voldemort laughed cruelly.

"I don't have time for your games," he raised his wand...

Ron and Neville raced up the next flight of stairs, panting hard for breath.

They had seen Voldemort go this way, and turned down another hallway, beggining

to sprint down it...

Harry stepped out from the shadows that he had been hiding in. Voldemort, too

focused on Dumbledore, hadn't seen him...

Dumbledore slowly reached for his own wand, behind him...



"EXPELLARMUS!" three voices bellowed at the top of their lungs before Voldemort

had had any time to utter the unforgivable curse, avada kedavra. Voldemort went

flying backwards and fell frigid down a flight of stairs.

Harry looked around for the two other voices. Dumbldore had stood up, his wand

outstreatched and pointing at Voldemort. Ron had come up across from Harry,

also poised with his wand outsreatched. And Harry was in the same position.

Just then, Neville came running up behind Ron, clearly not able to keep up with

him and out of breath.

"What- Happened- here?" he asked through heavy breaths which broke the silence.

Dumbldore almost smiled.

"Fawkes told me about that trunk. I knew after a day had passed, he would no

longer be immortal. I would have killed him, but I think it best to give him

over to the dementors," Dumbledore explained to no one inperticular. Ron stared

down the stairs at a bleeding Voldemort, and shuddered. Then, he looked over

and saw Harry.

"HARRY! YOU'RE ALIVE!" he screamed in utter astonishment. "But- how?" he asked,

the strangeness of it all sinking in.

"I'll explain later," Harry muttered, looking back over the railing. But

Voldemort was nowhere in sight.

"Proffessor Dumbldore! He's gotten away!" Harry told him. Dumbledore raced to

the staircase and saw, indeed, that Voldemort had gotten up and got away. Ron's

eyes bulged out of his head.

"Don't worry, Ron. I suspect he'll be far away from the school soon. He won't

stick around while he makes his next plan." Neville shuddered, and Harry leaned

back on the wall, and pounded his head on it.

"We should have killed him when we had the chance," he muttered. Dumbldore

turned to him.

"Perhaps it was all for the best..." he told Harry, and began to make his way

down the long staircase. Harry just looked at a confused Ron and a pale and

shaken Neville, and could only think that it was all his fault.





Once they had found Hermoine, locked in a trunk, they asked her what the heck

happened. She looked terribly frightened and ghostly pale.

"It was in the middle of the night, on the last night of summer before we would

go to school... and he came. He just showed up, and tossed me in a trunk and

gave me a sleeping potion." Ron explained to Hermione what she'd missed, and

Harry stared into the fire. He heard Hermione gasp, knowing what part of the

story Ron was at. It was the closest Harry had ever been to death, even though

he'd brushed it by before.

Hermione was forced to stay in the hospital wing for a week. When she came out,

she looked completely pale and shaken.

"What is it?" Ron asked.

"I can't believe what month it is! How will I ever be able to catch up in

school? The NEWTs are comming up! I know I'll fail!" Harry tried to hide a

laugh. The old Hermione was back at last.

Just then, Neville came past them, nearly skipping. Ron laughed, and Harry

asked Neville why he was so happy.

"Oh, Harry! Great news! The death-eaters never made it to my grandmother's

house! She's okay! And my parents are fine as well. Well, as fine as they'll

ever be..." his voice trailed off, and Hermione was a bit confused.

The trunk was destroyed and Hogwarts was back in the hands of Dumbledore.

Things slowly went back to normal. Well, as normal as they would ever get for a

kid like Harry Potter...

Meanwhile, back at Hermione's house, he mother found a jar with a beetle in it.

"Oh, honestly, Hermione. Keeping a pet beetle?" she laughed, and opened the

jar, setting the beetle free. The beetle flew out into the night, hoping to

find a great news story. She found Voldemort, and thought, 'what an exelent

perspective: the evil side's story' she laughed, and soon was sucked into

becomming a death-eater... just like prof Trelawny had predicted.

Harry was also thinking about prof trelawn's prediction. 'Someone is holding a

dark secret...that must have been Ron, holding the secret of Hermione being

Voldemort. 'Once the secret is revealed, someone will come back'... Hermoine

came back. But he had no idea about the third prediction, about someone

breaking free.....

A voice broke Harry out of his thoughts.

"I'm really glad that the trunk didn't kill you forever." Ginny blushed at him,

and came up, giving him a small peck on the cheek. Harry was astounded, and

Ginny ran off, blushing like mad. But Harry still didn't know where Hermione

and Ron were. Then he remembered how Ron told him they'd been "hanging out"

and, smiling, Harry went back to reading his book by the fire...