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 1. No flaming on the review boards. (Penalty:: 1) Warning, 2) 10 points from House)
 2. No plagiarism (copying other peoples' work without quoting them or getting specific permission from them). (Penalty:: 10 points from House, suspended 5 days)
3. Keep swears to a *bare minimum.* If the occasional profanity slips out, that's okay, but children visit this site, so don't get carried away. (Penalty:: Warning)
4. Internet slang (lol, u, etc.) is fine in the boards, NOT in fanfictions. We can't accept anything written in Internet slang, sorry.






Q. What IS a fanfiction/fanfic/fic?
A. Harry Potter fanfictions are stories written by fans of Harry Potter which contain characters, places, ideas, etc. from the Harry Potter books. Fanfic and fic are just shortened words for this.

Q. What is flaming anyway?

A. Flaming is when you review someone's fic very harshly when you thought it was bad, so in a way is like taking a torch and burning down someone's ideas and/or self esteem.

Q. What is a "ship"? How do you become a shipper?
A. Ship stands for relationship. It means a romantic relationship between two characters, usually two characters from the books, or a character from the book and a made-up character. Ships are usually represented with an initial / initial. Some popular ships are H/Hr (Harry/Hermione) and H/D (Harry/Draco) but you can use any ship. A shipper just means a person who really loves to read and write fanfics of a certain ship.

Q. I've heard people commenting about "Mary Sue." Who is she?
A. Mary Sue is the term used to describe a character in a fanfiction who is just too perfect. (Usually they are female, but there are male variations such as Gary Lou.) A Mary Sue is usually beautiful as Fleur, smarter than Hermione, daring as Harry, funny as Ron, and everything in between. Mary Sues are usually unintentional, unless intended as a parody (see 'Mary Sue Comes to Hogwarts,' by Lorelei Phantomwall).

Q. How does my fic become a Featured Fic?
A. If your fic is very good and gets mostly good reviews we put it on our spotlight page.

Q. What is the purpose of the Featured fic page?
A. The Spotlight Fic page is where we put fics that are considered very good, and we believe that mostly everyone on the site would like to read those fics, kind of like a Best Sellers list.

Q. What is the purpose of selecting a Hogwarts house?
A. The Hogwarts houses are just for fun. You select any Hogwarts house when you join and everytime there is a new member to your house, your house earns points. If your a member of your house submits a fanfiction that gets accepted to Under The Lake Fics, your house also earns points.

Q. Is it possible for a Hogwarts house to lose points?
A. Yes, but only by breaking certain rules.

Q. What do you mean by reviewing fanfictions?
A. Just go to that fanfiction's thread in the Reviews board and write your thoughts on their fic (remember, no flames!), offer helpful criticism, etc. Also, please rate their fic!

Q. How do I rate a fic?
A. Fics are rated from one to ten (1-2: bad, 3-4: not so good, 5: average, 6: good, 7-9: great, 10: perfect). When you are in the fanfiction's thread in the reviews board, you will see an option to rate the post. When you do so, you are actually rating the person's fic (don't bother rating any other posts; just the first one). You must be signed up with Network54 (it's totally free) in order to rate fics.

Q. In the review board, I've seen some strange abbreviations, such as IC. What do they mean?
A. IC stands for In Character, meaning that the characters act much as they act in the books by J.K.R. Some other initials you might see are SS/PS (Sorcerer's Stone/Philosopher's Stone), COS (Chamber of Secrets), POA (Prisoner of Azkaban), and GOF (Goblet of Fire).




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