Two New Residents in Godric's Hollow

Author - Saturnia the Silent Beauty
Genre - Novel-length/Romance
Keywords - Romance, French, Hogwarts, Beauxbatons
Spoilers -
Prisoner of Azkaban
Rated PG
 Cassandra LeAnge of Versailles, France has just
moved to Godric's Hollow, and will be transfering to Hogwarts from
Beauxbatons. Harry has been surprised with moving in with Sirius from
now on in Godric's Hollow as well. Cassandra and Harry are friends,
but Cassandra is in love with Ron. But wait! Her ex-boyfriend from
Beauxbatons has transfered to Hogwarts as well! A Love
Triangle? A dangerous adventure? of the characters
sacrifices themselves for the one they love. Who is it? Find out!
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Please, do not use Cassandra LeAnge, or her mother Cristal, or her
ex Jonas Clair de Lune, or her owl Cordelia, without my permission...
   Author's Notes - Well, originally, I was going to have Casandra
fall in love with Harry, but that is so cliche. Plus, I love French and Latin.

Cassandra LeAnge sat on her bed, as she finished unpacking her things. She and her mother Cristal had just moved from Versailles, France, to Godric's Hollow. She sighed, as she brushed a tear from her ice blue eyes, her silvery blonde hair pulled back into a fishtail of sorts. (A/N: Looks like a braid, but used with two clumps of hair, and is woven using sections of each clump, making it to a mixture of a braid and a french braid... looks very kewl, just hard to explain...^__^). She had to leave her friends at Beauxbatons. She loved it there, and she had stayed up all night crying, when she heard that Madame Maxime had not even heard that she had left, nor said anything.

"Mais mere, pourquoi il faut que nous s'en aller? (A/N: Don't worry, she won't talk in French for long. This is just a flashback...)" Cassandra remembered this all too well. She had been awoken from a nap during midsummer's eve, and had recieved an owl from her mother. She rememberd everything she said, and tried to say it in proper English. "But mother, why must we go away?" Cassandra shook her head, as if to shake the memories that had stung her heart like a hornet out of her head, when all she was really doing was whipping her head around, acting like a complete fool, for she was 15, and acting like she was 5.

She sat down, and had looked at her new room. It was a cream colored, with a design on the walls that resembled red and gold ribbons morphing into a pheonix on the end of the wall. She had painted it herself, and had stared long and hard at her bunkbeds. They were still drying from the white paint she had covered them in, so for now, her bed was the matress, a pillow, a sheet, and an afghan for extra warmth. She fondled her necklace, a heart made out of a tiger's eye with a setting of silver. She had strung it on a chocolate-colored leather thong, and had tied it around her neck. Her now ex-boyfriend Jonas had given it to her as a parting gift, along with a kiss. She cried silently, and started to write to him. She took up her ledger and quill, and dipped it into the ink.

Dearest Jonas,

How I wish to be with you. Godric's Hollow is full of gothique( A/N: french for gothic...
^___^) and gloom, and still has remnants of the evil day in which Harry Potter's family
was killed. I yearn for your warm embrace more now than I should. I feel at peace
with you. Like, my heart is a flutter when I am around you. Hogwarts will not be the
same as Beauxbatons, especially because you are not around. I will mourn the
loss of our love. I cannot bear to think that our love is over, just because of my
moving. We should have a long-distance relationshipo, but, by now, your charm
and good looks will have attracted more girls. Alas, if I was only there with you.
Well farewell, my one true love.

Yours eternally,

Cassandra sealed the letter, and scribbled Jonas's address and handed it to her family's owl, Cordelia. Cassandra then watched as the tawny owl fluttered out of the window, flying off into France. She sighed once more, and took her hair out of the style, and brushed it out, the strands looking like woven silver.

"Cassandra dearest, time for bed honey. We have to go to Diagon Alley tomorrow, to get your new school supplies. Don't you need a new wand?" Cristal said, as she glided into the room. Her long brown hair was wrapped into a bun, with a purple elastic holding it together. She had a gold robe on, with blue detailing and matching slippers. Her large hazel eyes looked lovingly at her daughter. "Yes mother... I'm going now..." Cassandra slipped into her pajamas, and got into her makeshift bed. "Goodnight mama." Cristal returned the phrase, and went off to her bed. Cassandra looked out of the window and watched as a shooting star shot by. She wished to be with Jonas once more...


As Cassandra watched the shooting star, Harry Potter was wishing upon that very same star. His lighting bolt scar was glowing, which was strange, for that was a new thing for him, ever since he turned 15. Harry had wished to move away from the Dursleys, but he knew that wish would never come true. Dumbledore had originally explained that the Dursleys were Harry's only family, but then Sirius Black came along. His guardians, however, wouldn't let him live with Sirius, due to their unhealthy prejudice towards wizarding folk.

"Oh what the bloody hell am I thinking? They will never let me out of their sight!" As if on cue, Sirius Apperated right in front of him.

"Oh yeah? Think again, god-son!" Harry smiled, and ran towards him, and a Portkey appeared in front of him, which was in the form of a football. (A/N: Soccer Ball actually. Just going by British terms)Harry gathered his stuff and Hedwig was held by Sirius. They touched the Portkey, and then were transported to a house in Godric's Hollow.

"Harry, welcome back to Godric's Hollow. Here is where you lived when you were a baby, before your mum and dad were killed." Harry looked and saw the place. Large raised ranches and colonials and front to back splits and mansions of all kinds were lining the streets, and owls fluttered around. He was home. He was actually home.

"Harry, tomorrow we are going to Diagon Alley to get your school supplies. We have to get some sleep, it's 10:00 already..." Harry nodded as if he acknowledged, but he was still marveling at the fact that this is where he would've lived if his parents were alive still, and Voldemort wasn't existing. They walked into the house, and got ready for bed. Harry smiled, and took off his glasses, and drifted off to sleep, as Cassandra did as well.