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The fanfictions listed here are ones that we are certain

no Harry Potter fan would want to miss.


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Featured fanfictions are chosen due to the quality of the fanfiction

itself and our choice does not have anything to do with how talented

we think the author is, but mainly how well-written the story itself is.

See How to be Featured for more information on our requirements

for Featured Fics.


Fanfiction authors whose fics are Featured will get a "trophy" added to

the awards section of their author information page that looks like this:


Featured Fanfiction authors also receive 25 House points. Good luck!



How to be Featured

Below are the requirements for Featured Fics; if your fanfic meets these

standards, it might be Featured on Under the Lake Fics!

1. Spelling and grammar does not have to be perfect, but it should be pretty close.

2. The fanfiction should be well-written and interesting to read.

3. "Mary Sues," or characters that are just too perfect, may ruin your chances of being Featured.

4. Featured Fics may be of any length and fall under any genre.

5. Your fanfiction cannot have been on the Featured Fics list in the past.



Submit a Fic

If you have a fanfiction in mind that you feel deserves the title of

Featured Fic (yes, you can submit your own fanfictions),

just fill out the below form and click submit!


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Featured Fics

Here is our list of Featured Fics. Enjoy your reading and remember to review!

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