FicWord is an activity designed by one of our members when we asked for ideas. Congratulations to Calica Flamepaw for having your idea chosen!

In FicWord, UTLF staff will make up a word and post it on this page. It will have a pronunciation guide, part of speech, definition, and one or two examples. When you submit a fic, try to encorporate this word into your story. Anyone who uses it correctly in their fic will receive an extra five points when their fic is accepted.

Rules of FicWord:: The word must be used correctly. You can only use the word once to collect House Points, but you're welcome to use it after that as long as you include in the disclaimer who it's made up by (the staff member's name will also be included). Include a note in your Author's Notes that the FicWord is contained in your fic, so that the editors don't miss it. And... have fun!

There will be a new FicWord every month or so, so check back.

Here's the word::

1. woml (WAW-mull) - noun - facial expression you get when you're not sure whether to laugh, roll your eyes, or wink (e.g. I listened to the joke with a woml on my face)
2. woml (WAW-mull) - verb - to get the woml facial expression on your face (e.g. I womled when he told the joke)
3. womling (WAW-mul-ling) - adj - 1. having the characteristics of a woml 2. confusing (e.g. I listened to the joke with a womling expression)

Created by editor Molly.

Good luck!