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Fics/chapters may be up to and not surpassing 5,000 words. If your fanfiction is longer than that limit, split it up into different chapters.

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Edited Version: If you have a) sent in your fanfiction before and had it sent back to make changes, or b) already have your fic on UTLF and are sending it in again after making changes, choose "Yes." If this is the first time you are submitting this fic, choose "No."

Fic Title: This is also pretty self-explanatory. Just type in the title of your fanfiction.

Chapter Title: This is an optional field; if you are planning on adding more chapters to your fic later, make a chapter title, or put in the chapter's number (e.g. 01, 02).

Genre(s): Please choose the categories that your fanfiction falls under. You may choose as many as apply to your fic.

Rating (G-R only): Please choose your fic's rating. NC-17 is not allowed. G is meant for General audiences, and should have no profanity, violence, etc. PG can have a bit of profanity and some graphic violence, but NO allusions to sex. PG-13 is meant for teens and so can be more liberal with profanity, violence, and may have some sexual allusions. In R, almost anything goes: excessive profanity is allowed, as well as graphic violence; don't get too graphic with the sex but it's allowed to have more than in a PG-13 fic. If editors do not feel your rating is acceptable, they may change it at their discretion. If your story is found to be rated NC-17, it will not be accepted.

Spoilers: A "spoiler" is a bit of information that might "spoil" a book, movie, etc. for someone who has not yet read it. If your fanfiction will "spoil" any of the Harry Potter books, please choose their checkbox; you may choose as many as you need to. If it will "spoil" works other than the Harry Potter series (e.g. in a crossover), please choose "Other" and fill the works into the box.

Keywords: Fill in words that are related to your story; please avoid repeating words in the title, but things such as ships, characters, plots, etc. may be filled in here. There is a 150 character limit.

Summary: This is like the keywords, only in complete sentences you describe your story a bit. You don't have to give away the end or anything, just write something that will interest visitors enough to want to read it. There is no word/character limit but try to keep it short.

Disclaimer: Our standard disclaimer is already filled into the box. If you want to add something to it, just fill it in. If not, don't touch it.

Can we edit it?: Do you give the UTLF staff permission to make small changes in your fic (spelling, grammar, etc.)? If so, choose 'yes,' and if not, choose 'no.' Keep in mind that if you choose 'no' and have excessive spelling/grammar mistakes, your fic will be sent back to you for resubmission.

Author's Notes: If there's something you want to say about your fic for readers to see, type it here.

Type Fic: This is where you type (or copy-and-paste) your fanfiction! Make sure that, if you are pasting your fanfiction from a word processor such as Microsoft Word or AppleWorks, you do not use "smart quotes." If you are using AppleWorks, you can disable smart quotes in the Edit menu, in Preferences (clear the Smart Quotes check box). If you are using Microsoft Word, on the Tools menu, click AutoCorrect, and then click the AutoFormat As You Type tab. Under Replace as you type, clear the "Straight quotes with smart quotes" check box. This is because smart quotes will mess up the fanfiction.

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~* Submission Guidelines ~ Submission Form *~

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