Choices - Chapter 1: In the Eyes

Author - Luver5000
Genre - Novel-Length, Romance, Angst
Keywords - Fleur, Cho, Harry, 6th year
Spoilers -
Goblet of Fire
Rated R
 Summary - Fleur comes back to Hogwarts two years after
the TriWizard Tournament as a student teacher. When
she is at Hogwarts she runs into Harry, Harry thought he was
happy with Cho, but now he is head over heels in lust for
Fleur. Fleur knows she can't continue on with Harry, but
the two just can't stop them selves.
Disclaimer - This story is based on characters and situations
created and owned by JK Rowling, various publishers
including but not limited to Bloomsbury Books,
Scholastic Books and Raincoast Books, and Warner
Bros., Inc. No money is being made and no copyright
or trademark infringement is intended. Only the
words belong to me.
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"I love you, Fleur." Harry whispered in her ear as he slipped off her shirt.


"Are you sure you want to do zees?" Fleur muttered, "What about Zo Zang?"


"Cho would never find out in a million years. I need you Fleur," Harry said while Fleur pulled off his robes, "wait a moment, what time is it?"


"'arry, eet doesn't really matter. Eet ees night, and ze night is young but eet eesn't long; we must 'urry." Fleur said while pulling off Harry's cotton boxers.


"What if one of the boys wakes up and finds I'm gone." Harry hesitated.


"'arry, remove ze last of my clozing; just set me free." Fleur hissed impatiently.


Harry reluctantly removed her black silk panties, then together they got into Fleur's bed. Fleur inhaled taking in the strong clean scent of Harry's soap.


"'ave you ever done zees before, 'arry?" Fleur whispered a sexy whisper.


"Once. Just once. With Cho." Harry panted as he stroked her legs. Harry liked the way they felt, so smooth and so clean.


"Don't mention her name again, 'arry." Fleur commanded as she tickled his chest. Harry was younger than her, but she didn't mind. She loved him in a strange way; he was so muscular, she loved it when he held her in his arms, his personality was like a magnet, and she was like the metal attracted to the magnet. When she had first met him two years ago she felt no attraction to him, he had changed so much since then.


Harry massaged her back gently, "What would you do if Dumbledore or another teacher found out?"


Fleur rolled her eyes. "We would zink of somezing to keep zem silent." she grumbled lovingly.


* * * *


Harry and Fleur put their clothes back on. Harry embraced Fleur for a moment and kissed her goodbye. Harry looked at her one last time as he put on the Invisibility Cloak.


He tiptoed silently to his dorm although not a single soul was in the hall. He put the Invisibilty Cloak back in his trunk carefully, making sure the hinges did not creak and wake the other boys up. Harry crawled into his lonely bed, and quickly drifted into a sleep where he dreamed that Cho was in bed with him.


"Wake up, Harry!" Neville shook Harry's body roughly. Harry slowly opened his eyelids, he was still tired from sneaking around the school the previous night.


"We have Charms, right now! Everyone else headed to class, I decided to stay and wake you up!" Neville explained.


Harry stretched his arms out, his whole body felt like rusted tin, "You can go ahead and leave without me Neville."


Harry ran to Charms class but he knew he wouldn't get in trouble. Fleur was teaching class today and she wouldn't punish him after the previous nights episode.


"Ah, good 'arry. I was wondering where you were." Fleur smiled at him.


Fleur began teaching about slicing charms, but it was useless to try and teach the boys. Not a single one of them cared what she had to say except for Seamus Finnegan and Dean Thomas. The other three Gryffindor boys only cared about her body.


Fleur pasued for a moment and gazed into Harry's eyes. Being a veela, Fleur wasn't always sure who really loved her, but she could always tell by looking into the eyes of the man. The eyes could tell all sort of stories. They were like windows into the man's mind. She could tell Harry was in love -or at least lust- with her. She was sure that right now he was thinking about her.


Harry gazed into Fleur's eyes recalling with pleasure the previous night.


Ron elbowed him and hissed, "Harry you've been acting sort of odd, what's going on?"


"Nothing." Harry lied. He didn't feel like telling Ron about Fleur and him, he didn't want to tell anyone, not Hermione, and definitely not Cho.


After class was a lunch break, "Ron, Hermione, you two go to lunch, I, um, need help in Charms."


Ron looked at Harry. "Go on!" Harry shooed them. Ron and Hermione walked to lunch together.


"'arry, what do you want?" Fleur asked hopefully.


Harry looked at her slyly and slipped out of his robes and gestured with his hand to her. In no time they were both naked in the middle of the Charms classroom.


"Fleur, the door." Harry looked at the door which was unlocked and there was a glass window on it that anyone could look through.


Fleur grabbed the key, and some paper of Flitwick's desk. She locked the door and used magic to make the paper cover the window, "Zank you, 'arry. Zat was close."


Harry looked around the Charms classroom.


"Oh." Fleur realized why Harry was looking around and cleared Flitwick's desk using a spell from her wand.


Harry put his arms on her waist and brought her down onto Flitwick's desk. Fleur sighed contentedly, "Give me all your love Harry." she whispered seductively.


Harry rubbed her breasts. Fleur stopped him, "Slower, 'arry. We've got to make zees last." Fleur began rubbing Harry's body, her temperature soared as she did this. She could feel Harry's temperature soaring too. Harry embraced her tightly for a moment. Then he moved his hands down and rubbed her feet. Fleur wasn't satisfied, "I need more, 'arry. Please." Fleur's breathing became heavier as Harry rubbed her crotch.


"Zat's good, 'arry. Very good." Fleur sat up and put her hands around his neck. Harry put his head in her chest. He thought about cho and began to feel guilty. Was he doing the right thing? His thoughts of Cho flew out of his head as Fleur massaged his chest, "I'm so glad you are 'ere. Zis ees wonderful."


"How could I be guilty when I am here in the Charms class room making love to a beautiful girl?" Harry wondered to himself. Harry felt lightheaded and happy, he felt as if the room had disappeared and it was just him and Fleur on Professor Flitwick desk. Harry was about to enter Fleur, but she stopped him.


"'Arry, ze students will be coming back. We will 'av to do zis later. 'Opefully tonight, eef you can make it." Flear looked into Harry's eyes one last time, before they put their clothing back on and went their seperate ways.