Choices - Chapter 2: The Missing Cloak

Author - Luver5000
Genre - Novel-Length, Romance, Angst
Keywords - Fleur, Cho, Harry, 6th year
Spoilers -
Goblet of Fire
Rated R
 Summary - Chapter 2 of choices. Harry almost has a minor slip
up. Things are getting sorta weird.
Disclaimer - This story is based on characters and situations
created and owned by JK Rowling, various publishers
including but not limited to Bloomsbury Books,
Scholastic Books and Raincoast Books, and Warner
Bros., Inc. No money is being made and no copyright
or trademark infringement is intended. Only the
words belong to me.
Author's Notes - Okay. This is the 2nd chapter and it's more
of Cho and Harry together. Also It's shorter.


Cho Chang was anxious. Finally, she and Harry could spend time together! Sometimes Harry took over her thoughts, her mind and her dreams. Harry finally found room in his schedule for her. The two of them would skip dinner and go to the prefect's bathroom. There was a hot tub in there and together the two of them could sit together, do some talking and a bit of snogging while Colin Creevey stood outside as the "watchdog".


Cho looked in the mirror. How did she look? Cho had a sparkly black mascara on. It made her look more serious, older. That's the way she wanted to appear to others. She left her dark black hair long to compliment her eyes.


The other girls in her dorm started leaving for dinner. Finally it was the time she was anticipating.


Cho walked like everything was normal, as she got nearer to the Great Hall she slowed down and let the other students walk past her, then she broke into a run in the opposite direction once she thought the coast was clear. when she got to the prefect's bathroom Colin Creevey was already standing outside, "Harry's waiting for you." he told her.


"Whirlspoor," she breathed and the door opened. Colin was right, Harry was waiting for her totally naked. Cho sniffed the air, it smelled wonderful, "mmmmm. Cherry soap." Cho looked at the hot tub, it was filled with delicious looking pink bubbles. Then she looked at Harry. She shivered. Being here felt like a dream.


"Take off your clothes, Cho." Harry told her. Harry came to her side to help her. Once Cho had removed her clothes, they stepped into the hot tub. Harry sat down on the floor of the hot tub, while Cho sat in his lap. Cho held her breath. She felt like she was high above the world, watching it spin.


Harry put his hands around her waist. The world seemed to come to a stop. It was as if time had stopped, and the had forever together. Being with Harry like this was therapeutic, all of her stress was forgotten.


Harry moved his hands from her waists to her breasts, "So glad I could see you Fleur," he whispered.


"What, Harry?" Cho thought for a moment that he had called her Fleur.


"I said 'You are as beautiful as le fleur," Harry stuttered, "I was trying to speak French."


"Aahhhhh." Cho breathed.


"That was close," Harry thought to himself. He loved Cho, but she didn't have the same hypnotic beauty that Fleur had. Fleur was absolutely irresistible. Harry continued feeling Cho's breasts.


Cho put her hand on his head and felt his hair, "Harry, how much do you love me?" she muttered.


Harry turned Cho around so she was facing him, then he put his arms around her and kissed her.


Cho smiled. She felt ashamed for thinking that Harry might love Fleur Delacour, Flitwick's student teacher. The idea sounded so stupid now, Fleur was twenty, Harry was sixteen. The age difference was just too much.


Harry squeezed her tighter. Cho felt good to be in his muscular, firm arms.


"I'm sorry, but you just can't come in here." Cho and Harry scampered out of the hot tub when they heard Dennis say this.


They both grabbed black furry towels and wrapped themselves in the towels. "Hurry," Harry urged Cho, "we better get clothes on."


Cho got dressed. She felt robbed.

* * * *


Harry sat in the common room, his hair still damp and smelling like cherries.


"Harry," Hermione questioned, "why is your hair wet?"


"I slipped in a puddle of water. Filch was cleaning." Harry hadn't thought of any excuses he was just winging it.


Ron and Hermione looked at each other, not believing Harry's story.


"I'll be right back." Ron rushed to the boy's dorm and came back. He grinned at Hermione and she winked back at him.


Around midnight Harry was ready to go to Fleur's room, he opened his trunk and looked for his invisibility cloak. It wasn't there. "Dammit," Harry whispered. He must have misplaced it. Harry silently sneaked over to Fleur's room without the cloak. Several times on his way there he looked over his shoulder because he thought he heard footsteps following him. Harry pushed open the door to her room. Fleur was sitting on a couch in pink lacy lingerie.


Harry's body temperature soared. His body felt so hot, he could have melted the room. Without thinking she removed his clothes swiftly. The door swung shut. Harry wasn't sure how it closed by itself but he didn't care. As he looked at Fleur he felt a fever rage through his body.